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Want to access nearby Facebook Deals using your web browser? Now you can, thanks to Facebook’s new “Find Deals on Facebook” page.

The page, which was launched last week, enables users to find local deals on a map, just as they would using Facebook’s official iPhone orAndroid apps, or by accessing touch.facebook.com on their mobile phones. Users can also browse deals in other neighborhoods via search.

While Google & Groupon are trying to claim deal of the day dominance look who is sneaking in for some action Facebook Launches Deals Page on Site.Basically it allows you to see deals of the day on your Facebook page.

Below is a great video that shows you what you can do as a business owner with Facebook deals.

Facebook is aiming to upset the $10-billion market for online coupons by offering a free service that allows retailers to broadcast special offers to all Facebook users in the immediate area.

As of Monday, Canadians can get deals by advertising the stores they visit on the massively popular social networking site.

Facebook Deals works in conjunction with Facebook Places, which allows users to “check in” to locations using their smartphones to see if anyone else they know is also in the area.

Facebook Deals, which made its debut in the U.S. in November, allows businesses to offer discounts if Facebook users check in at their stores. For example, checking in at a Chapters via Facebook Deals would give the user 40 per cent off a regular-priced book.

Facebook says no personal information is shared with businesses. Demographic information, like age and sex, is given to businesses, however, if the sample size of buyers is large enough to not identify users.

Facebook deals does a couple things for businesses.

  1. Build Customer Loyalty
  2. Spead The Word
  3. Aquire New Customers

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